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6 Ways to Benefit from Professional Landscaping

Wednesday, December 20, 2023 12:45 PM

Have you put off a family barbeque because of an unfinished DIY project for your yard? It’s easy to forget your yard’s upkeep while keeping a busy schedule. Investing in custom landscape design lets you spend more time enjoying your yard and less time managing it. Greenscape Design shares six benefits of investing in professional landscaping.

 1) Create More Home

How much time do you spend in your yard? Custom landscape design lets you get the most out of your yard. Making your outdoor space more livable is similar to adding a new room to your home. Whether you want a place to entertain guests or relax at the end of the day, your yard can be exactly what you need.

2) Matches Your Style

A home’s decor has a magical ability to display its owner’s personality. Why should your style stop at interior decorating? A yard should complement your home’s aesthetic. Whether a minimal condo or a cozy farmhouse, your yard should match your home’s personality. An experienced landscape designer can make your outdoor space feel more like you.

3) Cost Savings

Though it may seem less expensive to handle your own landscaping, unexpected costs often arise. Because plants require specific conditions to thrive, it’s possible to rack up repurchasing costs for plants and materials. An experienced landscape designer knows which plants work best for your unique yard, elevation, and seasonal climates. Additionally, they can work with you to find the right plants for your price range.

4) Environmental Protection

When it comes to custom landscape design, it’s important to consider your local environment. Professionals incorporate plants that complement an ecosystem allowing it to thrive. Additionally, they know how to make these changes without affecting wildlife.

5) Flood Control

With Louisiana’s occasional extreme weather conditions, it’s important that your landscaping can properly disperse a downpour. By installing things like retaining walls and rain gardens, landscape designers help to redirect the flow of rainwater. They also use porous materials so that water drains more effectively.

6) Property Value

According to The American Society of Landscape Architects, high-quality landscape design typically has a return on investment of 20-30%. Additionally, it can help your home stand out to potential buyers. Though we’re sure you’ll want to enjoy your newly designed yard for a while, investing in landscaping can help prepare you for the future.

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