How to Find Your Custom Landscape Style Design

Thursday, January 11, 2024 10:22 AM

Can you picture your ideal outdoor space but don't have the words for it? Don’t worry, your outdoor oasis isn’t out of reach. The pros at Greenscape Design discuss the four major custom landscape design styles and how to use them to create your perfect outdoor space!

The Four Major Styles

Before pinpointing your design style, it’s important to understand the four major landscape design styles. These are Formal, Informal, Modern, and Traditional. Understanding these will help you better describe your design moving forward.


Like a crisp tuxedo, Formal designs never go out of style. Balance and symmetry are the name of the game for these yards. They are simple, yet intentional designs with clearly defined lines segmented by hedges or other natural borders. Just like any other formal occasion, these yards are to be well-groomed (in this case, with a sleek striped lawn).

  • Symmetrical placement.
  • Clean lines and sharp angles.
  • Simple color palette.
  • Defined borders.


If the formal design is a tuxedo, an informal yard is the flannel and jeans thrown on after. This style embraces the organic with diverse agriculture and natural movement. Informal spaces engage with nature through native plant species and organic additions (streams, trails, etc.) Though these designs lack symmetry, they create balance with their harmonious placement.

  • Reflects natural ecosystems.
  • Nonsymmetrical, organic placement.
  • Colorful plant palette.
  • Loose, curving borders.


The modern style is a close relative to formal designs. It also makes use of clean lines and simple color palettes. However, modern designs put more emphasis on functionality and minimalism. These designs focus on elevating the usefulness of a space without too many bells and whistles.

  • Carefully organized hedges and beds.
  • Minimal yet functional.
  • Clean geometric lines.
  • Cool, neutral toned hardscaping.


Like a big hug in a fleece sweater, traditional garden styles are the perfect “welcome home.” Traditional designs greet guests with bursts of blooming flowers and shady trees. Walking up, you'll find paths of cobblestone, brick, or other warm-toned hardscape. These designs are a bit more relaxed, favoring round edges and personalized ornamentation.

Where Do You Belong?

After learning the four basic landscape design styles, you're better equipped to pinpoint the exact aesthetic you're looking for. Stemming from these are near endless subcategories that mix and match elements from each type. Here are some additional styles that take from the ones we just covered!


Looking for a hideaway befitting a classic fairytale? Right this way! Cottage styles are a cheery, relaxed variation of the informal style. These designs fill every inch of space with colorful fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Cottagers prefer an organic feel, with paths naturally curving along the garden. Take your romantic run-away home with a cottage custom landscape design style!

  • Loose, organic placement.
  • Diverse vegetation.
  • Bold color palette.
  • Crushed rock or brick hardscape.


Ever wish you could bring the beach to you? Look no further! The tropical style uses bright flora and swooping trees to bring out the inner beach bum in you. Tropical designs typically center around a water fixture like a fountain, pool, or stream. After talking to your landscape designer, all that's left is to schedule some vacation time and grab some tanning oil!

  • Free-flowing placement.
  • Blooming flowers and canopy inspired vegetation.
  • Yellows, reds, pinks, and other summery colors.
  • Organic hardscape such as boulder rocks, and wooden structures.


Eclectic designs are for those whose personality can’t be contained by just one style. These styles mix and match elements from the big four. Here, a landscape designer creates unity among various plant species and juxtaposing design elements. For further personalization, embrace ornamentation with furniture, sheets, or planters!

  • Inspired by multiple styles.
  • Multiple plant textures.
  • Large color palette.
  • Use of hardscape and ornamentation.

Find Your Custom Landscape Design Style Today!

After this article, you should be able to better describe your dream outdoor space. To get the ball rolling, you need a custom landscape designer who knows how to execute your vision. Greenscape Design has helped hundreds of clients create the perfect landscape over a decade. We work one-on-one with clients to execute their custom landscape design vision. Send us a message or call (225) 333-9680 for a free consultation from an expert designer. We can't wait to hear from you!


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