What to Expect from a Custom Landscape Design

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 11:00 AM

After another chilly winter, we’re all ready to get back outside. Are you looking to redesign your yard but a little hesitant about the process? A custom landscape design is incredibly rewarding, though it can be a commitment. To ease your worries, we’re exploring the entire landscape process from start to finish. That way, you’re fully prepared to create the yard of your dreams!

Preparing for the Initial Meeting

During a consultation, a designer will work with you to address any questions you have about the process. However, being prepared for a consultation can speed up the process to get your project on the right track.

Here are some things to consider before your initial meeting:

Yard Functionality: What would you like from your redesign? Maybe you're looking to create an entertainment space fit for parties. Or perhaps you’d like a serene getaway to escape at the end of your day.

Vision: Start looking for ways to communicate your vision. List your preferred garden style, plants, or even the colors you want in your design. An experienced designer will work with you to best execute these ideas.

Budget: What features are you looking for, and how much are you willing to spend on them? A designer needs to have a clear idea of your budget when designing your outdoor space.

Deadlines: Make sure you communicate any desired deadlines or timeframes. A clear understanding of these expectations ensures you and your design are on the same page regarding project completion.

HOA Guidelines: Be sure to review your HOA guidelines before committing to specific design elements. Check for any restrictions that might prevent you from incorporating your desired features.

Understanding the Different Steps of a Design Project:

Paving and Hardscaping

It’s a common practice to begin landscape designs with hardscaping. Typical hardscaping projects include decks, stone pathways, or pools. These projects typically involve construction using heavy materials and machinery. So, it’s necessary to get these out of the way first. If not, the process might result in compacted soil or damaged plantings.


After the heavy lifting, we'll move on to irrigation. Once utility lines are inspected and measurements are taken, the yard is ready for excavation. During excavation, the team digs trenches for the irrigation piping to rest. Afterward, valves, sprinklers, and weather sensors are connected. Once testing is complete, the team refills the trenches, and the project is ready to continue.

Garden Beds and Planting

Now, we get to bring in our plants. Following irrigation installation, we’ll start planting flowers and shrubbery. A landscape designer uses plant size, color, and texture to create a jaw-dropping flower bed. After everything is in place, the team will complete your bed with a healthy mix of mulch and compost.

Lawn and Sod


Lastly is the lawn. This step is saved for the end to protect its appearance and allow the roots to sink in. The phase starts by removing the pre-existing sod and then leveling the soil for proper drainage. Once these steps are complete, the team rolls out the red (or green) carpet. Once your lawn is carpeted in fresh sod, you’re now ready to begin enjoying your new outdoor space!

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