3 Reasons You Need a Retaining Wall in Louisiana

Monday, February 26, 2024 1:07 PM

What exactly is a retaining wall, and why would one need one in Louisiana’s flat elevation? Retaining walls promote the long-term integrity of your home while enhancing its appearance. Let's explore three reasons why you need a retaining wall in Louisiana!

What is a Retaining Wall?

Before discussing its benefits, it’s helpful to understand what a retaining wall is. A retaining wall is a landscaping structure used to hold or “retain” soil or water. These walls have a variety of purposes, with different materials affecting their use.

1. Directing Drainage

An experienced Louisiana landscape designer knows the importance of effective drainage. Without proper drainage, homeowners may find themselves paying thousands in foundation or flooding damage. That’s where retaining walls come in! Retaining walls can be used to direct rain and groundwater away from your home. These structures are especially useful if your home is located on a lower elevation than your neighbors. Well-placed retaining walls guide water away from your home and into your drainage system.

2. Minimizing Erosion

Tired of replanting your flower beds after a classic Louisiana downpour? With the state’s often-extreme weather, many homeowners spend hours collecting soil displaced by wind or rain. Soil runoff is especially common in yards without many trees or plants that keep the soil rooted. Retaining walls are used to keep soil in place and prevent the scatter caused by rainstorms. The structures keep surface runoff supported by containing it or reducing the sharpness of its incline. All in all, an expertly installed retaining wall means less stress and work for you next time the weather gets rough.

3. Elevating Designs

Another benefit of including retaining walls in your landscape design project is their unique appearance. Retaining walls can be used to draw attention to your flowers, pools, or water features. The structure acts as low-maintenance ornamentation to spruce up your designs. They even act as additional seats for entertainers! The structure also acts as a natural barrier, creating a more personalized outdoor space. These walls help guide the sightlines of viewers, creating more emphasis around your yard focal points. Not to mention, they act as a literal guide when placed alongside walking paths. See how retaining walls fit into the six aesthetic principles of landscape design.

Installing Retaining Walls in Louisiana

After reading this, you might be eager to go out and start your Louisiana retaining wall project. However, be selective in your choice of contractor. Poorly constructed retaining walls can suddenly burst, creating an unsafe flood of stones. Not to mention, ineffective placement guides water towards your home’s foundation, causing long-term damage.

Be weary of choosing just any landscaper for the installation of your retaining walls. It’s always safest to choose an experienced landscape designer or architect. For over a decade, Greenscape Design has helped Louisianaians transform their outdoor spaces. Click here or call (225) 333-9680 for a free consultation from an expert designer.


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