5 Excellent Plant Choices for Louisiana Landscaping

Monday, February 26, 2024 12:50 PM

Anyone who's lived in Louisiana knows how dynamic our weather can be. The state's climate can make finding the right plants a challenge. Choosing the right plants is key, whether you're looking for a complete redesign or just to spruce up your flower beds. The pros at Greenscape Design explore five great plants for Louisiana landscaping.

GG Gerbing Azalea

The beautiful and adaptable GG Gerbing Azalea is a go-to for Louisiana landscaping. In its infancy, this evergreen shrub boasts coarse yellow-green leaves that set it apart in a flower bed. During bloom, the upright-growing shrub produces large white petals that give your garden a touch of elegance. Additionally, the rhododendron’s versatile nature makes it a staple for Louisiana landscape designers. GG Gerbing Azaleas have a high heat tolerance and are best in full or partial sunlight. They are also relatively low-maintenance, requiring light post-spring pruning.

“Shi Shi” Sasanqua Camellia

The “Shi Shi” Camellia sasanqua is a Japanese evergreen that’s become a staple in southern landscape design. Its frequent appearance in the Louisiana flower bed can be attributed to its blooming patterns. Coming in a variety of colors, the plant begins flowering in October and then fully blooms into December. Despite its graceful appearance, Camellia sasanqua requires little to no maintenance. They do, however, need partial shade. So be sure to discuss its placement with your landscape designer.

Blood Banana

Blood Banana Plants are wonderful additions to your backyard getaway. Within only a few weeks, the plant produces large green leaves with tints of red. As the name implies, your plant may even sprout small bananas. These plants are popular in Louisiana landscaping because they thrive in our hot, humid climate. Furthermore, Banana Plants need moist soil, making them a perfect poolside companion. That said, these plants are also great for patios, as they are well-suited for container planting.

Drift Rose

The Conard-Pyle Company created the Drift Rose to be a manageable rose that brightens almost any outdoor space. Blooming in shades of pink, red, orange, and yellow, the flowering plant fits in a variety of gardens. Drift Roses are also referred to as “groundcover roses” as their short height allows them to blanket flower beds. Don’t let its delicate looks fool you. These plants are about as durable as it gets. The drought-resistant flower only needs watering in the summer. Additionally, they’re bred to survive in many soil types, though they prefer moist soil with mild acidity.

Giant Ligularia

This Herbaceous Perennial is another favorite among landscape designers. The Giant Ligularia plant makes for a great focal point with its large emerald leaves. However, the plant is also an excellent alternative for hedges, accenting other design features. Giant Ligularia plants are perfect for the moist soil conditions of Louisiana. They pair well with water features like streams or pools. Also, these shrubs thrive in our organically rich, loamy soil. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant focal point or an alternative to classic hedges, Giant Ligularia plants are an excellent choice.

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