Landscape Architect vs. Landscape Designer: Who to Hire?

Wednesday, June 26, 2024 1:58 PM

Now that it’s summer, you may be ready to plan your big landscape design project. However, when searching online, you see two types of experts: landscape architects and designers. Who’s the right person for the job?

Today, we’ll compare the benefits of hiring a landscape architect versus a landscape designer. Explore both service options with landscape architecture and design pros at Greenscape!

Landscape Architect vs Landscape Designer

While the roles may seem similar, there are significant differences between landscape architects and designers. A major difference is that landscape architects hold a degree and license. Landscape architects must earn 4-year college degrees and attend ongoing courses to maintain their titles. Their education enables them to handle complex grading, drainage, and zoning compliance projects.

Landscape designers are not required to have a college degree, though they may receive certifications and training through national landscape designer organizations. Landscape designers typically focus on smaller-scale projects like residential properties. Additionally, working one-on-one with homeowners gives designers a more intimate knowledge of horticulture and aesthetics.

Landscape Architect

If you’re looking at a large-scale project, new construction, or overhaul, you’ll need a landscape architect. Landscape architects are trained in technical, scientific, and regulatory aspects of land use. Their education enables them to handle intricate elements such as grading, drainage, and environmental impact assessments. Additionally, their training in comprehensive commercial properties makes architects the best choice for projects with strict local and federal regulations.


Expertise: Landscape architects receive training in the planning, grading, irrigation, and constructing of large-scale commercial projects. Their experience brings much-needed certainty to complex designs.

New Construction: These professionals assess new construction sites to ensure no issues will prevent your design. They are also experienced in collaborating with the myriad of specialists involved in the construction of a home.

Education & Ongoing Training: Landscape architects, committed to continuous learning, must earn a four-year degree in their field. Additionally, they must complete continuous training on the changes and innovations in landscape architecture, ensuring they are always up-to-date with the latest industry knowledge and skills.


May Not Offer Installation: While landscape architects guide construction and design, they may not handle the installation themselves. Instead, some architects hire teams or advise you on finding the professionals. Greenscape Design does offer full turnkey services when it comes to installation  but not all architects do. 

Landscape Designer

Landscape designers are more focused on the details. Designers work hand in hand with homeowners to create outdoor spaces tailored to individual preferences. They provide hands-on plant selection and design guidance without requiring extensive structural changes or regulatory compliance. This close collaboration and focus on detail make them ideal for homeowners looking to improve their gardens or create inviting outdoor living spaces.


 Creative Vision: These professionals specialize in the specifics of garden design. Their horticulture knowledge and personal approach lets them execute their client’s unique vision.


Landscape Renovation: If you want to revamp your existing garden, you’ll typically call a designer. These professionals specialize in redesigning yards to enhance their aesthetics and functionality.



May Require an Architect: Some projects may extend outside the scope of a designer. A landscape architect may be necessary for hardscape installation, drainage issues, or property disputes.

Greenscape Design: We Do It All!

Choosing between a landscape architect versus a landscape designer can be tricky. Luckily, Greenscape does it all! We offer a variety of landscape architecture, design, and maintenance services. So, whether you’re planning a total remodel or simply need a hand trimming your hedges, Greenscape has you covered. Send us a message or call (225) 333-9680 for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!


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