8 Steps of Expert Hardscape Installation

Monday, May 6, 2024 11:13 AM

Are you considering adding hardscape features to your outdoor area? Before you begin, it is important to have a basic understanding of the process, whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a professional. Having a clear understanding of the process will help you execute your project or explain your vision to a designer. Let's take a look at the eight steps involved in expert hardscape installation!

1. Permitting and Approval

Before starting your hardscape project, make sure to check your homeowner association guidelines to avoid paying for a project that may have to be removed later. For commercial properties, obtain the necessary building permits and zoning approvals.

2. Design and Planning:

Site Assessment: We’ll examine your yard to understand your project’s needs during a site assessment. A few things we focus on include:

 - Terrain

 - Water drainage

 - Utility lines


Material Selection: Once we understand your unique needs, we choose materials based on the following:

 - Longevity

 - Style

 - Price range

 - Overall maintenance

Conceptual Design: Finally, we’ll create a hardscape design tailored to you and your yard’s needs.

3. Site Preparation

Before construction, we’ll prepare your yard so our team can navigate tools and materials. A few of these steps include:

- Clearing the area of vegetation, debris, and obstacles that may interfere with the hardscape installation.

- Moved structures or ornaments are returned after the project completion.

- Grading the site as needed to ensure proper drainage and a level surface for hardscape features like patios, walkways, and retaining walls.

4. Excavation and Base Preparation

Whether it's a patio or retaining wall, your project will likely require some digging. Excavating allows our team to create a sturdy base through compaction. After digging, we fill the area with crushed stone or gravel. From there, we create a stable foundation by compacting the rocks.

5. Installation of Hardscape Elements

After creating a foundation, we move on to installing the hardscape elements. The process differs depending on the build. We take a look into a variety of hardscaping projects below:

Paths and Walkways:

 - Lay out pavers or stones according to the design pattern.

 - Ensuring proper spacing, alignment, and levelness.

 - Using edge restraints to secure the perimeter.

Retaining Walls: 

 - Constructing retaining walls using the material of choice.

 - Installing drainage behind the walls to prevent water buildup and soil erosion.

Outdoor Structures:

 - Assembling and installing pergolas, arbors, or outdoor kitchens according to manufacturer guidelines.

6. Grouting and Finishing

Once everything is in place, we will use grout and sealant to secure the structure. The team uses grout or polymeric sand for walkways to fasten the pavers and prevent weed growth. We also use sealant or other protective coating to secure patios or pergolas to fasten and enhance durability. The sealing process protects your design against long-term wear from weather or foot traffic.

7. Landscaping Integration

In the landscape design process, hardscape is typically installed before any other elements. Following this, the team will begin introducing plants, shrubs, and trees to compliment your landscape. Afterward, elements like ornamentation or lighting may be incorporated to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

8. Final Inspection and Maintenance

Last but not least is the final inspection. Here, the designer assesses your design to ensure it meets expectations and is up to code. Once everything checks out, you’re ready to enjoy your new yard. However, don’t forget maintenance. Regular hardscape inspection and repair keep your hardscape beautiful for years to come!

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